An introduction to UBN

The Universal Burn Network combines frictionless yield generation and the thrill of participating in the listing of new tokens. It consists of the UBN token and the Uniburn game tokens. UBN itself is a new Ethereum ERC20 token that is based on RFI’s innovative tokenomics and aims to increase profitability for token holders. Yield generation has been a problem for DeFi since its inception. Farming tokens with large supplies can perform well for a short period of time until the market becomes diluted with excess tokens and a lack of buyers and holders. UBN is based around a 3% transaction fee where half is distributed to all token holders immediately and half is sent to a burn address, deflating the total supply. This function punishes weak hands and incentivizes long term holders.

One big difference between UBN and other tokens is that we will implement so called Uniburn game tokens once a week. These game tokens are connected to UBN in that way, that UBN holder can profit by participating on that games in the sense of cheaper token prices or less burn rate. For example, if the Uniburn game token includes 4% burn fee, holders of a specific amount of UBN only would pay 2% if they are participating in the game. Every time a game token is released, attention is directed not only to the game token itself, but also to UBN.

So, after every transaction 1.5% is distributed to holders and 1.5% is burned. In addition, UBN holders enjoy the benefits of participating in Uniburn games. That’s all?

Of course not! In addition to the points described, once the total supply has been burned to 100,000, no more tokens will be burned. The previous 1.5% burn rate will be added to the share tax. From this point 3% of each transaction will be distributed to token holders.

I hope we were able to show you the advantages compared to most of the other DeFi tokens that currently exist in cryptospace. You can find more information on our website and in our channels:




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