A guide to buy UBN in presale

To make the presale also as easy and frictionless as possible, a smart contract was designed for it. At the beginning, here are the key data:

📌 Hardcap: 75 ETH
📌 Softcap: 25 ETH
📌 Minimum Buy: 0.1 ETH
📌 Maximum Buy: 3 ETH
📌 Sale price: 8000 UBN per ETH
📌 Listing price: 6000 UBN per ETH

At first just make sure, that you add the correct UBN smart contract address to your wallet (in this example we are using Metamask).

Click on “Assets” -> “Add Token”, switch to “Custom Token”, copy paste the UBN smart contract address, click “Next” and “Add Tokens”.

UBN smart contract: 0xF239b3c52769b7b61d201F68642a9881f87B4f42

It should look like this:

Metamask now maps UBN correctly.

Now we are ready to send the desired ETH amount to the presale contract address. Just click on “Send”, copy paste the following address:

Presale contract: 0xdBc4Fee89501a774B6a9A737b705eC8f82B09d45

Now click on “Advanced Options”. Now increase the Gas Limit to 180,000 and click “Save”.

Why do we need that? Every process on the ETH blockchain needs gas to proceed. In this case it is not only a switch from one token to another. The contract also checks the limits and make sure that the sender receives the correct amount of UBN. For this process approximately 160,000 gas units are used. We set the limit a little bit higher to avoid failed transactions. Only as much gas is used as is actually needed.

After clicking “Next” you now see the final window.

By clicking “Confirm” the transaction will be sent. After the transaction is processed you immediately will receive UBN in your wallet:

So for know, this amount will increase on every transaction, already when somebody buys in presale. If there are any questions, just join our telegram group: https://t.me/Uniburn

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